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As a wedding photographer, I see over and over again what a difference it makes when a couple has an easy-going day. Everyone is free of stress and fully present in the joy and celebration! One way to keep your day stress-free is to keep travel to a minimum… or eliminate it entirely! That is why I am sharing these seven stunning wedding venues in and around Calgary, Alberta with you. Before we get to that, here are 3 reasons why you should consider these venues:

1. Check multiple items off your list when you book these Wedding Venues.

With these wedding venues in the Calgary area, you can also check off: getting ready space, stunning photo spots, entertainment for guests, amazing coordinators, and lodging! Below each venue I have listed many of the incredible services, spaces and entertainment available for your celebration.

2. Spend time at your wedding… not in a vehicle!

There is no need to spend time in a vehicle travelling around to photo spots at these venues. Be with each other and with your guests on your wedding day! No need to coordinate rides, text addresses, or deal with traffic. Avoiding all of that sounds like a relief, doesn’t it? Time travelling between locations adds up way more than you might expect too. I recommend adding an extra 15 min to any travel in your timeline for everyone to gather their things, get in vehicles, look up addresses, drive, find parking, and walk to a photo spot. When you add it up, it is shocking how much time you missed spending at at your own wedding! 

3. Why photographers LOVE these photo-worthy wedding venues…

Creating beautiful images and capturing candid moments between your family and friends is such a joy in beautiful spaces. These venues are designed for weddings and wherever a moment is happening and whatever angle we have to capture it – the photo is going to look amazing! (In photography world – the light is *muah!!*) Not to mention, instead of paying us to drive around – lol – we can take more portraits or candids of your celebration.

Without further ado, here are my favorite wedding venues that – confirmed by Jeff and I with our wedding photographer expertise – are SO STUNNING that you can stay on-site all day, enjoy gorgeous surroundings and, most importantly, enjoy the ENTIRE day together AT your wedding.

7 Stunning Wedding Venues In and Around Calgary

The Gathered

This venue warms your heart. It is the feeling of home, a cozy garden and big blue skies all around. The owners of this venue go above and beyond to give that personalized touch. They provide so many things including custom designed home-styled, locally grown meals, beautiful rustic chairs and tables, hanging lights, lawn games for your guests and a month-of wedding coordinator. It’s relaxing from start to finish and absolutely stunning.

Spots we love to photograph: Garden pathways, open fields, sunsets, bridal suite, and the gravel road with overhanging trees.

Reasons we love this venue:
– Private, white and rustic, day-of bridal suite for getting ready
– Outdoor transparent tent for your event giving you the outdoor experience with no fear of weather
– Guest entertainment includes lawn games, wandering the gardens, and visiting farm animals
– Their food is unreal. I will eat anything they create.

Location: 30 Min East of Calgary, Kathyrn AB

Capacity: 140 Guests


Azuridge Estate

This whole venue is STUNNING. It is an estate home turned hotel / event venue and every inch of it put me in awe. Just trust me and go visit this place. They offer a couple of ceremony and reception spots both indoors and outdoors around the property that will wow your guests. It’s a mini retreat, just outside the city.

Spots we love to photograph: The fountain and pond, water tower, balcony, views of the countryside, manicured lawns, and unique architecture.

Reasons we love this venue:
– Great for large or small weddings.
– Gorgeous accommodations on site for wedding party, guests and getting ready.
– Outdoor and indoor venue options.
– Indoor and sheltered options for photos.
– The chef is actually an old friend of my family and is so talented!!

Location: 25 Min West of Calgary, Priddis AB

Capacity: Up to 250 Guests


Norland Historic Estate

My jaw hit the floor the first time I turned onto the driveway and the venue came into view. It is elegant and sophisticated in every way. The historic building and surrounding property is literally out of a movie with manicured lawns, gazebo and balcony.

Spots we love to photograph: Veranda or balcony, manicured lawns, gazebo and along the pathways.

Reasons we love this venue: 
– Indoor and outdoor venue options.
– Indoor and sheltered options for photos.
– Elegant reception space with large windows and chandeliers.
– Packages include set-up and take-down as well as a staff of catering professionals for a stress free, luxury experience.

Location: 2 Hours South of Calgary in Lethbridge, AB

Capacity: Up to 300 Guests


Saskatoon Farm

Saskatoon Farm has the most beautiful and diverse spaces for wedding photos. From the valley view, hoodoos, and pathways to garden walks, rustic trellis and greenhouses – nature is all around. I was a bridesmaid at my best friend’s wedding at this venue and as a wedding party member and photographer, I was thrilled! My BFF’s photos are GORGEOUS and I so desperately want to photograph a wedding here!! Here are a few shots I captured during their day.

Beautiful spots for wedding photos: Berry farm valley view, country road pathways, hoodoos, barns, gardens, rustic trellis, and greenhouses.

Reasons we love this venue:
– Creative variety for photo locations.
– Indoor and outdoor venue options.
– Indoor and sheltered options for photos. 
– Guest entertainment includes exploring the property, viewing the Saskatoon berry valley, enjoying many unique gardens and greenhouses, a tortoise habitat and farm animals, and a great home-decor shop.

Location: 20 Min South of Calgary

The Crossing

Photos taken from The Crossing’s website. Credit to Paisley Photography.

Wait… do you recognize anyone in those photos? Oh, IT”S ME! Haha. I volunteered with Jeff to model at a photography workshop and got to visit this hidden gem of a venue. The River House with large windows letting in all that natural light is a photographer’s DREAM. It was fun to model… but goodness I wish I could have been behind the camera! 

Beautiful spots for photos: The barn and balcony, along the river, forest pathways, roadway with trees, stone fireplace.

Reasons we love this venue: 
– Great elopement and small wedding venue.
– On-site accommodations for up to 48 guests.
– Indoor and outdoor venue options.
– Indoor and sheltered options for photos.

Location: 45 Min NW of Calgary

Capacity: Up to 65 Guests.


Spruce Meadows

Spruce Meadows is an iconic venue in Calgary. The beautifully manicured property has a historic elegance that suits a variety of wedding styles. Photography locations include the famous staircase, pond, manicured lawns, main road, statues and unique buildings.

Reasons we love this venue:
– The Victorian-style British House is a beautiful indoor location for your event and for indoor photos with large windows and chandeliers.
– Many outdoor and indoor venue options on site to choose from.

Location: Edge of SW Calgary

Capacity: 200 – 700 Guests



I was blown away by the beauty, service and variety of backdrops for photos at the Calgary Zoo. Ceremonies are held in the beautifully manicured Dorothy Gardens and the private reception hall pictured here – complete with a dance floor – is connected to the beautiful conservatory. This venue can be as elegant and classy as you are dreaming – with fun included.

Spots we love to photograph: Beautifully manicured gardens, rainforest, suspension bridge, conservatory lobby and garden, gazebos, and – if you fancy it – a visit to see your favorite animal.

Reasons we love this venue: 
– Sheltered and indoor photo options.
– Private photo access after 4:30 pm when the zoo closes.
– Guest entertainment is included!
– Outdoor and four indoor venue options.

Location: Near downtown Calgary

Capacity: Up to 300 Guests

Well, there ya have it! 7 wedding venues in and around Calgary that are so stunning, you won’t need to drive anywhere for photos.

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Happy wedding planning!
– Ashley

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