Adam + Courtney || Oceanside Mexico Destination Wedding

The past year has been quite the adventure for Adam and Courtney. For some couples, engagement and wedding planning is all the joy and chaos that one year can handle but Adam and Courtney had other crazy plans.
Adam + Courtney were one of 10 teams in THE AMAZING RACE Canada Season 6 Hero’s Edition!! Each week we gathered with Adam and Courtney’s family and friends to watch the episodes and cheer them on to VICTORY! Yes, that’s right. They won!!
Here is why I mention all of this: it takes a special kind of couple to go on a reality competition TV show and win. However, the greatest victory in my mind is to take on a challenge like that while engaged and arrive on the other side¬†stronger and more in love than before … which they did! I am pretty certain that if a couple can handle little to no sleep, working as a team under pressure, driving in international cities, having cameras and microphones in your space 24/7, knowing your high’s and lows will be broadcast on TV, feeling crazy competitive and not wanting to let your partner down all at the same time – you have something special together!!
So off to Mexico everyone went for the most important celebration in Courtney and Adam’s life! Jeff had the opportunity to not only attend and hang out with all the awesome friends and family he had met at the weekly episode viewings but also to photograph the wedding alongside Perry Thompson Photography. We hope you can feel the energy and excitement of the day as you scroll through their wedding photos.

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