About Us

Kaihla Tonai

Kaihla Tonai

Your Photographers

We are a husband and wife duo! It was a partnership we never expected but the combination of our personalities, skill sets, and artistic eyes has allowed us to design a quality service we are proud to offer!

We train together and perform together. The world may see us as creatives, but behind the scenes we are researchers and students of our craft, always growing to ensure our families, couples and clients receive the best result. At a wedding, this may mean we photograph a moment from two different angles, one of us shoots while the other directs and fixes details, or that one of us is setting up lights and reflectors so the other can achieve the best shot! We have a great system and will team up to make the most unpredictable situations turn out great!

Our Wedding Philosophy

We believe that marriage is the most significant commitment you can make. It is the hardest and most worthwhile thing you will ever do. We know this first hand. So, when we show up to photograph your wedding, we aren’t just there for the work. We believe that we are capturing something sacred. We photograph each wedding as though it were our own moment, with our favorite people, at our once-in-a-lifetime celebration that was planned so thoughtfully because we know this day means that much to you.

We like people! Ok, that might sound wierd to say, but it makes such a difference!! However awesome, goofty or awkward it can be to bring together family and friends from all over, we want to get right in there, make it enjoyable for everyone, and capture these relationships that mean so much to you.

We enjoy creative variety. In your gallery you will see intimate unposed interaction but also a photo of you looking and smiling at the camera because we know the grandparents are going to ask for it. We will capture the classic beauty of wedding details and do something new and creative. We want to get in close and step away to capture the whole scene. We will be inspired by the moments of your day and the more we know about you and your people, the better the photos will represent you.

Our Passion

Here’s the truth. Photography isn’t our greatest passion. Whoa! What? I bet that’s not what you came here hoping to read!! But that’s ok, because we want to share with you the real reason behind why we do what we do. We use photography as a means to achieve a greater purpose in our life and bring something beautiful to yours too. For us, photography is an opportunity for a divine experience of peace, compassion, hospitality, laughter, reverence, and faith.

It is an opportunity to meditate as we experience nature in its various forms whether that be an awe inspiring sunset, the cries of a newborn or the expanse of a mountain range. It reminds us that in this vast universe, we are very small, yet very significant – a part of something much larger than ourselves.

It is the opportunity to relate as we interact with people of all ages from various places, sharing in the complex experience of being human. In our work, we are there for you and those who surround you, not as clients but as people, because we were made for community.

It is the opportunity to share as we bring all that we are into a creative skill that we continue to foster so we can capture your love, your athleticism, your people, your brand, or your children with the understanding that you are more than a photo on social media. We want to join in on your adventure, capture it, and pass along the opportunity for you to use that frozen moment in this short life for something greater.

So, here is our greatest passion and source of inspiration: using all that we are to daily express our love for God and for all people. Jesus is our example and His wisdom is a treasure we can’t live without. If you ever want to talk about life, faith or Jesus, we would love to. Life is raw, hard, unpredictable and painfully broken at times. We are not exception to that reality. We are normally weird people who are not anything special but who do want to think and live intentionally. In the midst of all our life lessons to date, we continue to find that Jesus Christ represents truth, restoration, fulfilled identity and future hope. This is us – humbled by our imperfections and inspired by our Savior Jesus. As mentioned before, our hope is that sharing our photography becomes an opportunity for a divine experience of peace, compassion, hospitality, laughter, reverence, and faith.